Langli design won 2021 LIV Hotel Design Award

  • 2022-05-11
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    LIV Hotel design award is one of the most comprehensive design competitions in the field of hotel design

    (Los Angeles, California, USA)

    A new international award program has just been launched to recognize the highest quality of architectural and interior design in the hotel and catering industry. The liv hospitality design awards of the farmani group are open to architects and interior designers around the world who have created incredible projects, including a variety of housing, accommodation and catering facilities. Liv is an inclusive platform that pursues excellence in living and dining spaces, from shared spaces to beach resorts, from high-end restaurants to flash bars.

    "We believe that architecture and interior design can shape our lives, which is why it is so important to celebrate these industry achievements," explained Hossein farmani, founder of liv hospitality design awards and President of farmani group. "Incredible inclusiveness is important for this award because today's living facilities have never been so diverse - from short-term rentals to private homes, beach resorts, boutique hotels, campervans and shared spaces. From cocktail bars to food squares, Michelin star restaurants, catering trucks and private clubs, the catering industry has never been as exciting as it is today."

    Liv has 40 awards in the living part and 24 awards in the catering part. It is one of the most comprehensive hotel design competitions. A jury of respected architects, designers, hoteliers, developers and leaders in interior design and architecture annually selects eight international best awards in hotel design, architecture and guest experience for professionals and students. The jury will pay special attention to new concepts, innovation, sustainability, influence, design, shape and story.

    About farmani group:

    Farmani group was founded in 1985 and has set up many successful awards all over the world. The awards established by farmani group include international design awards, architecture masterprize, DNA Paris design awards, London International Creative Awards, Prix de la photography in Paris and annual Lucie awards for photography, This has become one of the most prestigious awards in the world. To learn more, please visit their website.

    Lanzhou Tianqing Hot Spring Hotel




    Lanzhou, Gansu Province, is a necessary place for the land silk road. It is also an important node city on the "New Silk Road Economic Belt". It also has the special status of the capital of Gansu Province. It is also an important window and portal for Gansu's domestic and international exchanges. It extracts the elements of trade horses. Combined with the presentation of contemporary art, the abstract geometric horses at the entrance welcome tourists and mark the beginning of the art journey.

    Located in the natural hot spring area of Lanzhou, Xiqing hotel is located in the perfect hot spring area of Lanzhou. There are more than 70 guest rooms in the hot spring hotel. The super high sense of service and the cultural implantation with Gansu characteristics make the hotel different and distinctive.

    Hotel lobby

    Art Hall

          设计灵感来自于荷兰艺术家皮特.科内利斯.蒙德里安(英文:Piet Cornelies Mondraian,1872年3月7日-1944年2月1日),脱离自然地外在形式,用“纯粹抽象”的表达手法表现新造型主义,结合甘肃马家窑文化、打造出具有多元、可能性星级文化酒店 ,迎合国际审美,欢迎全球游客前来莅临。



     Full time Restaurant


    Elevator hall

    Conference Room

    There are more than 70 guest rooms in the hot spring hotel. The public space includes leisure lobby, full-time restaurant, bar, conference room, sunshine gym, theme catering and other integrated leisure and business travel space. It interprets the understanding of "local experience" in a unique way, meets people's needs for modern life, and becomes a luxury taste of art into life, Lanzhou Tianqing group has created a remarkable hotel brand in its own way.


           The presidential suite of the hot spring hotel is designed with a built-in living room, a big bed and an open large bath room. It has a fully intelligent life style. In the design elements, Gansu Majiayao culture is used to create a sense of exotic space experience, making the trip to Gansu unique.

    Guest Room

         The guest rooms in the hot spring hotel use the regional cultural characteristics such as Gansu style, landform and Lanzhou impression as design elements, so that guests can feel in it.

           The black-and-white abstract art finish of the floor decorative cabinet is printed with the seal of ceramic pattern, which is like opening the door of history, in sharp contrast to the reception desk with modern minimalist shape. The elements of the folded block surface form the shape, from the origami wall lamp on the mirror to the sheet support on the edge, and the abstract reconstruction of the scenery along the silk road. The streamline sculpture of the water of the Yellow River injects a trace of flexibility into the whole hardbound space.


       Banquet Hall

          First, it represents a kind of inheritance of Gansu culture and a way for China's intangible cultural heritage to go to the world. Second, this inheritance is recorded in people's life in a better form.

    Project Name: Lanzhou Tianqing International Hot Spring Resort

    Project type: Commercial Hotel

    Project address: Lanzhou, Gansu, China

    Main design: project design team of Lang Langli Hotel

    Developer: Gansu Tianqing Real Estate Group Co., Ltd