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Lang Li design is a design brand that aims to provide high-end space design. The company has a senior service team, and the main founding members have many years of working experience in serving well-known domestic real estate developers, and their projects have won several domestic and foreign design awards. Hone and accumulate through diversified design experience. Establish long-term, stable, mutual trust and common development partnership with customers. Committed to pursuing the seamless combination of pure design spirit and indoor and outdoor space, and combining the characteristics of the project, advocating the integration of tradition and modernity, the East and the West, and advocating a diversified design direction without limitations. Lang Li design is a comprehensive professional design company integrating space design and furnishing design. It is mainly engaged in the design of commercial space, office space, hardcover residences, high-end villas, real estate model rooms, boutique hotels, etc. project.

曹琳/Lynn Cao

Design Director

"Architecture", "China residential facilities" magazine review, member of China Architectural Society, IFI international interior designer, international alliance of architects, member of China Architectural Association, China International Architectural decoration and Design Expo "2019-2020 outstanding young designers of Chinese interior design".

    Honorary awards

    • 2017:

    • China (Shanghai) International Architecture and Interior Design Festival "Golden Bund Award" / holy name Shimao city;

    • APDC Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Competition outstanding design Award (16 / 17 APDC Design Awards);Honorable award international masterpiece Award / yangshida sky forest;

    • "Gold Award for green future of China's top 10 future human settlements" / yangshida sky forest

    • 2019:

    • Excellent design award of APDC Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Competition (18 / 19 APDC Design Awards), honorable award international excellent work Award / one tree and one east;

    • APDC Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Competition outstanding design Award (18 / 19 APDC Design Awards) Grand Award / roof through time;

    • 2019 outstanding property award london-2019 winner

    • 2020:"China outstanding young designers" (China Architectural Decoration Association, China Design Expo) / "a glass box"

    • "China's best original team" (China Architectural Decoration Association and China Design Expo) / abnormal combination of Surrealism

    • (licc 2020 finalist) International Award of London creative competition / international art Hot Spring Resort Hotel on the "the Belt and Road"

    • 2020 APDC space wizards award honorable moment International Award / "a glass box"

    • 2021:International award of outstandingproperty award London 2021 winner

    • IDA DESIGN AWARDS--Honorable Mention

    • Liv hotel design awards, Los Angeles, California