"China's top 10 future habitat green future Gold Award" unveiled

  • 2016-09-29
  • On September 28, the high-profile 2016 background international design week was grandly opened in Beijing W hotel. The "sky forest city" created by yangshida group and Shilang group won the gold award of "China's top ten future human settlements green future" with extraordinary design concept.

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    < 2016 Beijing international design week, grand opening at Beijing W Hotel >

    The highest evaluation specification, nearly 100 designers at the same time

    This time, nearly 100 designers from 4 continents and 20 countries have won thousands of awards in the field of architectural design. Among them are Stefano Boeri, a famous Italian designer, Thomas Herzog, a famous German architect, chairman of the competition jury of the Polish Institute of architects, Krzysztof garden, a famous Polish architect, etc.

    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < master salon, directly hit the new vision of International Design >

    In China's real estate design industry, the "global future habitat Innovation Conference" is the largest and most authoritative habitat architecture event, and the most credible and symbolic international annual industry event in the design industry. The "China's top 10 future habitat green future Gold Award" competing at the conference is also known as the "Oscar" in the design industry, which shows the weight of this award for real estate enterprises and the real estate industry.

    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < exchange with each other on site >

    The concept of human settlement ecology has been unanimously recognized by global design masters

    During the selection process, "sky forest city" was favored by global design masters. "The project will show the world a new architectural form and community life form. Compared with the wealth of traditional houses, sky forest city pays more attention to the attitude, taste and connotation of life and life," architect Boeri said in his comments.

    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < Yang Yong, chairman of yangshida group, delivered a speech on the stage >

    In the subsequent in-depth interview with the chairman of yangshida group, he explained the original intention of creating "sky forest city" with his unique insight into the craftsman spirit. He said; "The project just meets the basic living requirements, which runs counter to the concept of human settlement. The real craftsman spirit is to truly implement the product creation, present high-quality products for the city and become the landmark of the city. Ten years later, sky forest city can still represent Chongqing."


    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < Zhang Zhixing, President of yangshida group, received the award >

    Embedded in the future life style and leading the future life style

    According to the concept and positioning of future human settlement, the "sky forest city" respects the urban landform of Chongqing, fully considers the local human settlement demands, and does not consider the cost from the perspective of developers. Instead, it designs 15 overhead floors, each 6.9 meters high, plants trees, expands life functions, and changes the development of green ecological buildings and healthy lifestyle in China.

    In the future, in terms of overall planning, various elements such as wisdom, ecology, green and health will be put into the space of sky forest to create a living space with independent art, which will be derived from the humanistic level, extend family affection, friendship and health in the public space, and build a green social life scene, so that the owners living in Nanbin special zone can have better space and living environment.

    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < exhibition venue of habitat Innovation Conference - Sky Forest City >

    Chongqing property market relay, habitat happiness index helps improve product value

    At present, the rise in house prices is transmitted to second tier cities such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen and Hefei. Chongqing did not soar due to the original large land supply and large reserves. However, due to the advantages of the "the Belt and Road", the free trade zone in Chongqing, and the control of 20% of the land supply, the housing price depression in Chongqing will soon be filled up.

    Nanbin road is known as the "Bund" of Chongqing. The "sky forest city" on Nanbin road is very scarce. Moreover, the project is located on the edge of the famous Yangtze River in Chongqing. Because there are only 1000 sets of the whole project, it can be said that one set is sold and one set is less, so we choose "sky forest city" instead of living in the Yangtze River, but "Tibetan River", which is a boutique that can truly inherit the family.

    In the future, facing the future, human settlement will become the general trend. The recognition of home buyers for the project to create a new lifestyle will increase the product value immeasurably due to the improvement of people's happiness.

    “中国10大未来人居 绿色未来金奖”揭幕,洋世达天空森林城市作为重庆唯一 代言中

    < effect drawing of Nanbin special zone · sky Forest City >